Lending a hand to life

EMAAR in India, being one of the leading real estate companies, has many projects running at different locations of the country. Most of them are based in Gurugram and have a huge base of labourers on the site. Health care of these site workers is much beyond the matter of just compliance. Keeping a check on their health – mentally and physically - not just ensures continued productivity of the site workers, but also saves on the cost which would have otherwise resulted in a skyrocketing health expense. EMAAR in India has partnered with Max India Foundation to organise health check cum awareness camps across its sites for the workers. Post diagnosis, medication is also provided to the site workers, along with organised awareness sessions on various health issues to spread the message, “Prevention is better than cure”. At EMAAR, we believe in making our workforce as strong as our structures as we feel that everyone deserves a healthy life!