BW Businessworld Released Sector Wise Most Respected Real Estate Companies

14 February, 2011

"Respect is hard to Earn, but to some it comes naturally". Respect is not something that can be earned by super normal revenues or profits alone. A company not only has to perform well in financial terms, but also develop a way of working that makes its employees, customers and peers look upon it with respect. It is this respect that keeps us yearning for finding out ways to build better homes, have best in class customer care, acquire and retain best talent by providing a world class learning environment and ensure that each interaction for our customers as well as the home they live in is truly world class!

Our efforts over the last five years of our existence have been appreciated by the Business world magazine that has surveyed and come up with the list of the "Most Respected Companies in India". Emaar MGF, in a relatively short span of time, has not just created the largest geographical footprint across the country but has also managed to reach the level of "Second Most Respected Real Estate Company" in India. This achievement is credited to our visionary leaders, our extremely talented and hard-working employees, our supporting customers and everyone else in the whole business chain. As we strive hard to reach the top with our commitment to "Create a New India" and our tireless work ethic, we need the support of everyone associated with us!

With this recognition, we are all the more motivated to keep moving ahead on our path to Innovativeness, Best in class People Practices, Global Competitiveness and Quality of Products and Services.

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