Lending a hand to life

In India thousands of construction sites witness about 50-60 million kids everyday left unattended while their parents are doing the hardwork. Usually migrants, these are daily waged labourers and their meager income allows them to be just marginally above the poverty line with limited access to health facilities and nutritious meals. The situation becomes even more grueling and strenuous as they suffer the wrath of poor living conditions.



EMAAR in India in collaboration with its contractors runs nine crèches at different project sites. These crèches cater to labourers’ children from age group 0-12 years, divided into three broad categories: the youngest ones from 0-3 years, the Balwadi group of 3-6 years, and the bridge course group of 6-12 years. These crèches, are presently catering to more than 450 kids every day where health, nutrition and education needs are taken care of in a well planned manner. Nutritious meal, growth monitoring, doctor’s visit, innovative learning methodology not just ensures proper growth and development of these kids but also gives a peace of mind to their parents working at the sites that their kids are in safe hands and well taken care of. The crèches are currently operational at 8 project sites of Gurugram namely Marbella, Emerald Hills, The Palm Drive, Palm Terraces Select, Gurgaon Green, Imperial Gardens, Plam Hills and Palm Gardens and 1 at Mohali.