Environment Sustainability h1

Lending a hand to life

Commitment towards restoring the environment and reversing the adverse effects of climate change, has made EMAAR in India organise regular plantation drives. Developing green belts, beyond the mandatory compliance, is a default part of the project plan at the sites. In the last couple of years, 6400 good quality saplings have been planted across all sites in India, in the interest of our future generation. The kind of world we shall leave behind for our children, is a matter of great concern for our organization. The next phase of the mission involves plantation of around 1,000 saplings in order to make Gurugram greener, in co-ordination with the Haryana State Pollution Control Board.



Each year EMAAR employees volunteers celebrate World Earth Day, World Environment Day and other occasions involving ecological protection with great enthusiam and zeal. E-waste collection drive and awareness campaigns are also regularly organised to involve employees and residents of EMAAR communities across locations, so we make our planet a better place to live. Recently, the company has started donating old newspapers to an agency which works for the upliftment of rural women, as they recycle newspaper and paper wastes to craft items for interior decorations.