Lending a hand to life

The State Government, administration and civil societies have given special focus towards the social development and financial empowerment of marginalised women in Haryana. The state’s extremely low sex ratio is a matter of great concern, and at the same time it’s of dire importance that women, irrespective of their status quo are holistically included in the process of decision making, through which a healthy balance in society could be attained. Considering the shackles of patriarchal norms, which has seeped deep into the society, especially in backward areas where women are still not encouraged to step out for employment; an immediate response to change the scenario became the need of the hour. Hence, an initiative and an intervention has been created in order to impart skills which makes these women employable, so that they become self sufficient to earn a decent livelihood within their comfort zone.



EMAAR in India has started its first batch of training 60 women from Gurugram in crafting interior decoration products from newspapers, and subsequently their entrepreneurship development through Self Help Groups(SHGs). Divided into 3 phases, the first phase of the program will cover training of women and SHG formation, the second phase will be for product development and manufacturing and the third phase will be dedicated for marketing of products through various channels like social media, art galleries, exhibitions, craft melas, and other corporate events. The simple yet unique and saleable products made from newspaper is not just easy to manufacture, but also has a promising market amongst the socially responsible urban community. This initiative gives wings to their dreams.