Communities Celebration

Life is better together

Diwali Mela At The Palm Drive (2017)

At Emaar, we celebrate life together. This October, The Palm Drive community engaged in a colorful and sparkling Diwali festival. Whats more, the cultural programs added to the fun, food and frolic, making the celebration even more enthralling and vibrant. The decorative stalls lifted the spirit and mood with mouthwatering treats and entertainment. It was a picture perfect evening where everyone joined in with full enthusiasm and went home with a wider smile and a stronger bond.

Dandiya Celebrations At The Palm Drive (2017)

The residents of The Palm Drive witnessed festive enthusiasm like never before on 24th September 2017. Ethnicity was ornamented with variety and the Dandiya celebration was rocked with rising levels of energy. While the food and shopping stalls added beautifully to the festive palette, it was the colours of joy that will stay with them forever. 

Teej celebrations at The Palm Drive (2017)

The festival of Teej was celebrated with much élan by the residents of The Palm Drive - an award winning residential project by EMAAR. Welcoming the monsoons, families joined in and everyone was dressed up in festive outfits, turning the occasion into a beautiful riot of colours. The ladies performed a group dance which was much applauded. The beautifully decorated swing was a great surprise and became the high point of the event. 

Makar Sankranti celebrations at Indore Greens (2017)

About 300 residents of Indore Greens on Makar Sankranti bid farewell to the winters with great enthusiasm. Weaving a vibrant canopy of colourful kites into the crisp winter sky, families came together to welcome the beautiful spring season. Multiple activities along with photo-booth designed with props and DJ were arranged for the day. The event saw discussions over various developments happening on the site and participation in the dialogue with great spirits.

Lohri Celebrations at Mohali Hills (2017)

Far away from the monotonous chaos and the hustle bustle of life, in the lands of Mohali Hills - luxurious spaces within natural serenity - the dream of elegant living blossoms into reality. Our extended family graciously accepted Emaar’s warm gesture on the occasion of Lohri. All embraced this auspicious day in togetherness and special goodies' baskets which were personally presented to them. At Emaar, we celebrate life to the fullest.

Holi and Diwali Celebrations at The Palm Drive (2016)

Diverse and vibrant communities converge at Emaar with panache,that is what Emaar delivers, lifestyle communities. Hence, every occasion becomes just another reason to celebrate. The Palm Drive,Gurugram, an award winning residential project, rejoices at the spirit of togetherness in its entirety. The bustling community gathered together to celebrate festival of colours, Holi and festival of lights, Diwali in a grand style.